Black Friday Sale - Most loved 2021

Most loved jewellery for black friday
It's almost summer... and Christmas too! So we've gathered some of this year's most loved jewels to celebrate the end of 2021, just in time for Black Friday!
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Sea Pearl Jewellery Collection
Dive deep under the ocean water and discover a whole new world. Our Sea Pearl Collection features a single iridescent Freshwater Pearl set in Sterling Silver. A timeless style which is so versatile, so you can wear it from day to night. Match the necklace with the classic earrings and ring for an easy-wearing look.


Two of our most iconic designs are the Girl of the Ocean Ring and Rising Sun
Cowrie Shells are highly powerful and connect you with the strength and power of the Ocean. The most loved Girl of the Ocean Ring features a natural white cowrie shell encased in a sterling silver setting.
Our Rising Sun necklace and anklet both feature hand-stamped sun charms allowing you to channel joyful energy and a loving nature. Each piece of HillTribe Silver is hand-crafted and stamped, a technique passed on through generations. 
Combining the strength and power of the ocean with the energy and joy from the sun makes these jewels the perfect combination!
New Moon Rising Wrap worn three ways
The New Moon Collection makes the most out of our favourite Hilltribe Silver charms, each design encompassing the transformative feeling of renewal at the beginning of each lunar cycle.
New Moon Rising Wrap - designed to be worn in three different ways. Use simply as a statement necklace, wrap it twice for a double strand anklet or three times for a triple strand bracelet.
New Moon Earrings - available in both small and large sizes, these simple earrings celebrate the beautiful crescent moon shaped charm, hand-crafted from HillTribe Silver.
New Moon Necklace - With an adjustable cord, this necklace can be worn both short and long, so you can wear it solo or stack it with your favourite Embella necklaces for ultimate impact.
Shifting Moons Anklet - We love our anklets! The Shifting Moons anklet features both small and large crescent moon charms which catch the light as you walk. Perfect for moonlit strolls on tropical beaches.
Mix and match these most loved jewels and discover your own signature style. Shop our favourites below!

Most Loved Jewels for Black Friday