Moonstone for July

Are you a July born baby or have someone close to you born in the month of July and are looking for an alternative to the traditional ruby red stone? Look no further than glistening forever colour changing, moonstone.


Moonstones are considered a secondary stone for July born babies. In Astrology, the stone represents the birthstone for the zodiac Cancer, which predominantly fall within the month of July (starting at June 22 and ending July 22).

Moonstone can be found in numerous places over the world, more commonly being found in India and Sri Lanka. The stone  is characterised by a captivating play of light presenting sometimes cloudy whites and others, pearly hues of blue - replicating that of the moon beneath a thin layer of clouds. Being so close in colour to that of the moon, the Romans, once believed that stone was created purely from the light of the moon and thus the name.


The spiritual beliefs of the stone is that of many...

This elegant stone is definitely a crowd-pleaser when it comes to jewellery. Its beautiful yet simplistic colour is one we continually recommend when it comes to shopping for someone else whether it be for a July born or not.

We have selected our top 9 favourite moonstone pieces below.