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    There are many ways that you can wear boho jewellery to express your individuality. Like the boho lifestyle, boho style jewellery is all about expression, freedom, and an appreciation of nature. Achieving your personal boho style begins with the right wardrobe. After that, it all comes down to adding the right accessories.

    Whether you love the look of light, flowing maxi dresses, embroidered denim pinafores, cutoff shorts, or fringed tops, it takes the right boho jewellery to complete your look. While there aren’t really any rules about how to wear your jewellery, it is often layered on and symbolic of something important to the wearer.

    The Basics of Boho Jewellery

    Necklaces are essential for every boho wardrobe. They add interest and detailing to any type of neckline. For low-cut, v-neck tops or dresses, longer necklaces work best. Opt for a variety of lengths of pendants that you can wear together. This allows you to amplify the effect of each necklace without taking attention away from the individual details. Use the same approach with regular or high necklines but with shorter necklaces and chokers. Lighter necklaces with charms or beads tend to add a sense of romance to your feminine styles.

    Try to balance your jewellery out. For example, if you have on two or three heavy necklaces, wear several rings and bracelets that are also heavy. Wearing 10 bracelets on one wrist will draw all the attention to that wrist. Strive for a balanced look that makes every area look just as interesting.

    Beach-Inspired Boho Style Jewellery

    Don’t overlook the influence that beach life has on bohemian fashion. The boho style jewellery at Embella is dedicated to bohemian, beach-loving wanderers of the world! Nothing is more at one with nature than the beautiful and fascinating life that lives beneath the sea. There’s also no better style for beach lovers to wear with their beach wardrobe. Boho style jewellery is the perfect accessory for anything you wear to the beach.

    Our edit of necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets include many matching styles featuring cowrie shells. Combined with the beauty of sterling silver and a range of semi-precious stones, this jewellery is striking with anything. Many of our jewellery designs are also inspired by the sea. Browse our mix and match earring sets for sea-inspired designs like our Tropical Sunrise or Tropic Tides.

    There are many styles of bohemian rings that you can mix and match, too. You can pile on several smaller rings on one finger, wear one large ring, or do both. We also carry a range of bohemian toe rings so you can accessorise your feet, too. Boho jewellery is made to wear in layers from your head to your toes.

    At Embella, we make unique boho jewellery that complements your bohemian lifestyle. Our jewellery is so striking that it goes easily from the beach to an evening out with friends. You choose how to wear each piece to make the right statement for any occasion. Add as much or as little as you need to get you noticed. Contact us with any questions on our product line.


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