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    AusTurtle was established in 1996 to promote sea turtle conservation and research in northern Australia. All species of sea turtles in Australian waters are listed as either endangered or vulnerable to extinction under the Commonwealth EPBC Act 1999. AusTurtle is a non-profit organisation and is run by concerned scientists, students and members of the public.

    The aims of the organisation are; 

    • To support sea turtle research and conservation
    • To support the objectives of the National Sea Turtle Recovery Plan through Research, Threat Abatement and Education
    • To support the preservation of sea turtle habitat and their associated biota
    • To engage in sea turtle education
    • To engage in fundraising to support the above aims
    • To support the continuation of a long-term research project at Bare Sand Island, Northern Territory
    • To collaborate and form partnerships with other organisations and institutions to apply for funds to support the above aims
    • To participate in discussions regarding sea turtle management, conservation and research at all levels including local, regional, national and international.

    Embella are strong supporters of the work that AusTurtle do here in Northern Australia and on a broader scale for the preservation of our gorgeous oceans and marine life. We choose to show our support through the donation of proceeds from certain collections directly to AusTurtle so that they can continue their great work. 

    Proceeds are donated to AusTurtle from every product in the following Embella collections: 

    Sea Life Collection
    Spirals of the Sea Collection
    Sean Scott Collection


    To learn more about becoming involved with AusTurtle visit their website