Empathy - Femininity - Intuition


Moonstone is the gemstone associated with feminine power. Most commonly found
in Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, Myanmar, Australia, and Madagascar, Moonstone has
become a secondary birthstone to those born in July; it represents the zodiac
of Cancer in Astrology.

Spiritual Energy

A symbol of fertility and sensuality. Moonstone cleanses the mind of negative emotions to empower the wearer.

The connection to our Moon channels the Moonstone’s lunar power to soothe emotions during monthly cycles, enhancing intuition, helping balance hormones, and providing support.

Iridescent Hues

Moonstone can range from shades of white to blue and can even throw purple under certain light. Varying from opaque to transparent. It is characterised by a captivating play of light presenting sometimes cloudy whites and other times pearly iridescent blues – like the moon shining through a thin layer of clouds. Influenced by the colour, the Romans once believed the stone was created purely from the light of the moon, hence the name Moonstone.

Styling with Moonstone

With a neutral colour base, Moonstone can be easily paired with many different gemstones. We personally love matching Moonstone with Larimar.
Moonstone looks best in a cool silver setting, reflecting the silvery tones of our lunar satellite. However, setting Moonstone in gold can bring a balance of warmth and light, letting Moonstone’s luminescence shine.

Caring for Moonstone

We recommend cleaning your Moonstone jewels in warm soapy water. High heat, sudden temperature changes, or excessive pressure can cause breaks in Moonstone, which is a delicate gemstone. Store in a cloth bag or jewellery box.