All About Anklets

Anklets are the biggest jewellery trend of Summer 2019, a nostalgic throwback reborn in luxe, sophisticated style. From delicate chains to chunkier charms, anklets transport us back to days spent with our toes in the sand smelling that salty sea breeze.

 Maya Gypsy in tropical location wearing Embella Jewellery

Styling with Sally - Anklets

Let me walk you through the best of Embella anklet style. Choose from my single strand, simple silver anklets, to my bestselling wraps that can be worn as double strand anklets, or mix it up and wear as a bracelet or necklace too!

Anklet adorned feet in the water

All Embella anklets are all adjustable, with either a clasp and chain or polywax cotton cord.

With my three-strand corded anklets, simply tie a single knot behind the bead to keep the anklet in place, because a lost anklet means a lonely ankle!

Embella Anklets

I live in my anklets and because I love the beach, I’ve designed the Embella silver Anklets with the ability to be worn in the ocean. Perfect if you love the surf! The polywax cotton and high quality silver means your anklet can withstand the salty water and a dip in the ocean can actually help clean the jewellery from the natural oils, sunscreen and lotions on our skin.  Just give it a rinse and polish after long periods in the sea.

It’s not recommended that you wear your anklets in chlorinated water, like pools. The chemicals can cause the polywax cotton to weaken and tarnish the silver charms faster over time. To care for your silver jewellery, check out our care instructions.

Rising sun anklet by Embella Jewellery

I style my anklets with my signature toe rings all the time. Living in the tropics, my feet are always on display so why not bling them up! Plus, its a great excuse to get a pedicure…

I also wear a lot of relaxed, summer clothing year round in Darwin, which pairs so well with my jewels. But even when travelling to cooler climates, you’ll still find me adorned in my anklets, with denim jeans and some cosy knits like our gorgeous winter range in our Yamba boutique.

Begin your Embella anklet collection with our bestselling pieces; The Islander or Castaway anklets.

Love + Light x

The Islander Anklet by Embella Jewellery

The Castaway Anklet by Embella Jewellery