Why should girls have all the fun? At Embella, we stock a unique range of men’s jewellery that reflects the spirit of those who love to wander, travel, enjoy the ocean and live in true bohemian style.

    We stock a whole range of men’s bracelets and anklets for men, as well as rings and necklaces – in fact, it's a complete collection of quality, wearable men’s bohemian jewellery.

    We source high quality materials such as hardwearing Hilltribe silver for a soft sheen and sterling silver for its bright lustre, as well as natural materials such as turquoise and paua shell for an experience that reflects love and respect for the planet’s own resources.

    Let’s take a look at some of our signature pieces of men’s boho jewellery. If you’re looking for a silver bracelet for men, check out the Hawaii Paradise men’s bracelet. Inspired by the beauty and majesty of the volcanic islands of Hawaii, it reminds the wearer of its stunning views of paradise. Made from Hilltribe silver, this piece is a classic.

    Our selection of male bracelets continues with the Hawaii men’s bracelet. This chunky durable bracelet has a double row of silver beads adorned with a tribal pattern. The S-shaped clasp brings an unusual touch to this stunning piece.

    Complement this bracelet with a striking ring from our collection. Our men’s barrel ring features thick dimensions to reflect the power of the ocean and the respect the wearer has for this magnificent force of nature. Crafted from 99.5 percent Hilltribe silver, this material lends a soft sheen and excellent durability to an attractive and unusual piece.

    If the man in your life is a beach lover, why not gift him a striking Whitehaven Beach ring with a centrepiece of mother of pearl set in pure silver. Mother of pearl is renowned for its purifying powers and reflects the healing properties of the ocean. A thoughtful choice for anyone who loves the ocean and its wonders.

    Complete your look with a men’s necklace. The Hawaii men’s necklace is set with Hilltribe silver handmade beads. It is an understated choice that looks fantastic whether you’re hanging out on the beach or riding the surf.

    The Nomad necklace has been designed for the free spirited gentleman. The tribal pattern crafted into its silver beads and the feather pendant reflect closeness to nature, freedom and adventure. This durable piece can withstand sand and the salty water of the ocean. It's perfect for any guy who enjoys surfing or spending time in the waves.

    Our mens jewellery is good to wear in freshwater or in salty water, but unfortunately is not suitable for swimming pools where the chlorine could damage it. Find out more about looking after your unique piece of jewellery in our care instructions.

    Excited about receiving your thoughtfully designed piece of Embella jewellery? Our estimated delivery times are two to four business days Australia-wide and three to six business days internationally – so you won’t be waiting long.

    To reach out to us with any queries or comments, please contact us.