Warranty and Repairs

Received a faulty product?

The return of faulty or damaged products is detailed in our returns policy following the Australian Consumer Act.

3-Month Warranty

The 'warranty term’ of three months is the maximum length of time that we would expect significant faults to arise within for these faults to be determined as a manufacturing faults. Proof of purchase is essential for all warranty claims. We now encourage customers to choose a digital receipt when purchasing in our Boutiques for warranty purposes.  Warranty does not cover neglect, wear and tear, lost items, bent items, accidental damage, tarnish, contact with chemical substances such as creams, perfumes, oils, cleaning products or acidic skin types which may cause discolouration. Scratches are not considered a manufacturing defect as they occur with everyday wear.
Outside of the three-month warranty timeframe, there are potentially many other factors that may contribute to and result in the damage of our delicate, handcrafted products. This includes, but is not limited to potential wear and tear, factors like proper storage, care or cleaning, heat exposure, or moisture exposure.



Each Embella product is carefully handcrafted from the highest quality materials. Given the delicate nature of a handmade process, we provide a three-month manufacturing warranty and may be able to offer a free repair of your damaged product if you have proof of purchase. Repair requests outside of our warranty will incur a repair fee.

Repairs are subject to available materials. Due to the varied nature of these repairs, we cannot provide a price list, so all repair requests must be submitted through our repair request form here. We do not accept repair requests on items that are older than 3 years.

Repair Type & Description


Clasp Repair / Adjustment links (8-link HS chain)



Timeframe: 3 – 7 weeks

Each piece will be inspected carefully by our workshop & if additional work is required, our team will advise before proceeding with the repair.  Any additional silver or semi-precious stones will be subject to an additional charge upon inspection.

Rethreads are only offered on designs younger than 3 years or styles that we stock.

What does a rethread entail?

New threaded & platted Ploywax cotton cord, Polishing & cleaning of the silver beads.

Kids Jewellery


Thin Strand

$65 - $75

Thick Strand

$85 - $95

Dreamcatchers/Necklaces on Ploywax Cotton

$85 - $110

Handmade Repairs

Our Handmade repairs are subject to the availability of semi-precious stones & silver charms. Design changes may occur due to the possibility of missing stones or having to replace any silver beads & charms. Any bent, damaged, tarnished silver, broken stones, or stones that have been drilled smaller, in comparison to the current materials that we use, will be replaced and charged additionally. Any changes in quotes will be communicated before the repair is processed.




From $50


$65 - $110

**Please do not bring repairs to our retail or market locations; we cannot process repairs at these locations. All repairs must be submitted via the Repair Request Form. **
Collecting Your Repaired Jewellery
As soon as your jewellery has been repaired, we will contact you to arrange an in-store collection or return shipping.