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    Each Embella product is carefully hand constructed from the highest quality materials. Given the delicate nature of a hand made process, we offer a 3 month manufacturing warranty on all Embella pieces from date of purchase. This warranty covers manufacturing faults (but does not cover neglect or wear & tear) and we will at our discretion replace or repair your damaged product with proof of purchase (whether that be Store Receipt or Bank Statement).

    Embella does offer a repair service to our Jewellery that has been damaged out of the 3 month period at a cost where we see fit. Unfortunately if your product is part of old stock and we are unable to repair it for you, but we are happy offer 15% off a product at the same price as an exchange for your damaged piece at our discretion.

    Please contact us directly regarding any warranty claim on or phone the Gallery (08) 8941 1755

    **Please do not bring repairs to our market locations **

    If you are unable to come into our store, just drop us an email at and we will get straight back to you.

    Collecting Your Jewellery
    As soon as your jewellery has been repaired we will call you to say that it is ready for collection in store. 
    As we only have one jewellery designer please expect a turnaround time of 2-3 weeks minimum for repairs.