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    Our Hill Tribe silver jewellery is meticulously handcrafted with 99.5% pure silver, bearing charms and beads that tell timeless tales originating from the Karen Hill Tribe.


    Hill Tribe, or HillTribe, silver is traditionally handcrafted by those of the Karen Hill Tribe using 99.5% pure silver. The charms and beads used in our Hill Tribe silver jewellery are intricately made utilising ancient techniques. The crafted designs are unique, meaning no charm or bead will ever be the exact same.

    Although the finished beads in Karen Hill Jewellery are not as bright as sterling silver, the quality of the silver holds its shine and lustre longer and is generally more resistant to tarnish.


    To keep your Hill Tribe silver jewellery shining, polish it regularly with a soft cotton polishing cloth. This will reduce the likelihood of tarnish (a natural process that occurs with exposure to any kind of moisture, even in the air).

    For more stubborn tarnish, the Karen Hill Tribe Silversmiths use the same HoiTong Polishing Powder we source at Embella. This gentle and natural abrasive powder removes stains without damaging the finish of the jewellery.

    For more information regarding the safe keeping and care of your pieces, see our care instructions.


    To prevent dullness and tarnish, each Hill Tribe silver piece should ideally be cleaned then stored in its own soft jewellery pouch or bag. Consider getting your own Embella Jewellery Bag.

    Wherever possible, keep your Hill Tribe silver jewellery away from moisture by storing your pieces in a cool, dry place. We recommend separating your silver jewellery from other metals as they can also speed up the process of tarnish.


    Discover the allure of Karen Hill Tribe craftsmanship with our Hill Tribe silver jewellery. Adorn yourself with unique charms and beads that resonate with ancient techniques. Our collection of Hill Tribe silver jewellery can be browsed above.