Our range of kids’ jewellery is as thoughtfully designed and beautifully crafted as our adult ranges. Reflecting your little one’s love of nature and wonder at the world around them. You will be sure to find something special in our children’s jewellery collection.

    From anklets that double up as bracelets to bangles and necklaces, enjoy choosing the piece that represents your child’s carefree nature, or have fun matching an item to your own adult version.

    Many of our jewellery pieces are handcrafted from Hilltribe silver using ancient techniques, resulting in a material that is durable and beautiful too, with an attractive satin sheen.

    For kids’ bracelets, start with the Islander bracelet from our collection. The mini version of the adult-size bracelet, this classic children’s bracelet symbolises the peace and freedom of island life. Silver rice beads and hanging leaves make up this beautiful item, interspersed with turquoise beads for positive energy.

    If your child is a little surfer, or simply drawn to the ocean, then the Breaking Waves bracelet represents all we love about the powerful ocean and it’s beautiful rhythm of waves breaking on the shores. The bracelet’s silver beads and charms symbolise light reflecting off the surf and will fascinate your little one as they wear this thoughtful piece throughout the day.

    For a fun jewellery piece that will bring enjoyment to your little one, see our Harmony Bells bangle. Handmade from Hilltribe silver, these bangles feature a pattern of fishes and the ocean, with bells  that will charm your little one and keep them enjoying this unique piece. Measuring 5 cm, this bangle is easily adjustable according to your child’s individual requirements.

    Embella bracelets can double up as kids’ anklets too. Have you seen the Spiral of Life anklet? This stunning piece is the perfect gift, as the spirals represent the change, growth and learning that a child experiences as part of their everyday lives. Adorned with silver rice beads and a leaf charm, this anklet reflects a love and respect for nature. Create a striking effect with two or three anklets for a multi-layered look.

    We stock an attractive range of kids’ necklaces too. Our Castaway necklace is a popular choice for your little lover of nature and the ocean. Its message is the freedom and protection of the ocean, which is sure to be a long-lasting presence in your child’s life and a piece they can return to again and again. Any child will adore the fun fish charms, set among delicate silver rice beads.

    All our pieces are lovingly crafted and hardwearing, and your little one can wear them safely while paddling or swimming in the ocean’s salt water. Please know that the chlorine in swimming pools is unsuitable for our jewellery pieces, and we ask you to avoid wearing them in pools. Read our care instructions to find out more about how to look after your Embella jewellery.

    Remember you can use a piece of string around your child’s wrist or ankle to easily find the right size for them.

    Want to know more about our collection? Simply contact us and we will be happy to help.