The Importance of our Ocean

With every breath we take, and every drop we drink, we’re connected to the ocean. For many the ocean is a symbol of freedom, a symbol of calm, and a symbol of coming home. 

Along with being a watery sanctuary providing comfort to water lovers and sea creatures alike, the sea provides over half of the world’s oxygen, as well as regulating the climate and weather patterns. It will transport warmth and absorbs CO2 to keep the balance of temperatures, making the ocean our global climate control system.

Whilst some of us may call the ocean home, in reality it is home to the greatest abundance of life on our planet. We see the glorious dolphins, whales, turtles and sharks quite often, but it’s what we don’t see below the surface that is truly amazing. There are millions of creatures living in our ocean that live in harmony together forming a thriving ecosystem which we could all learn from.

Many medicinal products can be traced back to the ocean. Ingredients to fight illnesses such as cancer, arthritis and heart disease are present in the ocean. As well as disease-fighting ingredients, the ocean mentally can be a great help. When we touch the water our heart rate reduces and blood flows to the brain, heart and vital organs of our bodies. This energises us and makes us feel vibrant and alive. The ocean is therapeutic, whenever we see, hear or feel the water don’t you feel relaxed and happy?

With all these benefits it’s important for us to make a stand and look after our glorious ocean. A healthy sea keeps the earth healthy. We need to play our part to protect the ocean, so if we start making choices that will help the sea, it will all add up. The choices we make now will determine the future, and we want to ensure our children can enjoy the ocean as much as we do now.

We love to support people who are making a stand for the ocean and making the planet a cleaner place. Our Peony Swimwear pieces have all been made from sustainable fabrics formed from discarded materials such as fishing nets recovered from the bottom of the ocean. Resulting in cleaner oceans and stunning swimwear that's good for the soul.

All of our jewellery has been made with the ocean in mind, using high-quality materials to withstand the sand and surf and to preserve the environment. 

Lets all do our part to help preserve and protect the ocean and its inhabitants!