Travel + Jewellery Care with Ellie

Hey I'm El! I’m a professional surfer competing in the World Qualifying Series. I currently study business management and PR at university whilst travelling the globe to hopefully achieve my dream of being in the World Surfing Tour. I love animals, health and fitness, early mornings, coffee, exploring the world, photography, and of course my jewellery!

I've recently returned from Mexico where I was lucky enough to go with my partner Harry and explore all the incredible places Baja, Mexico has to offer: guac, tacos, more guac, a whole lot of surfing and sunstroke.. but that wasn’t so great.

Before I left I got some gorgeous new jewels from Embella! A huge thing for me is making sure my jewellery is safe whilst I travel, there’s nothing worse than putting your earrings somewhere “safe” and then forgetting where that safe place is. Here are a few hot tips from me on how to protect your jewels when you travel:

  • Purchase a jewellery bag, Embella have the perfect one! It’s got a ring department as well as zips and pouches for all my larger pieces, so everything has its own spot and won’t get scratched. The best thing about it is that it rolls up and fits perfectly in my carry on.


  •  I always take a silver polishing cloth with me to clean my silver. Because I’m in the ocean multiple times a day it’s easy for my jewellery to lose its shine, but as soon as they’re polished it’s like they’re brand new. Some Embella jewels are made on a polywax braided cord, making it resistant to damage from the salt and surf which is why I never take it off, literally. I surf in all my jewels. I didn’t take off the Hawaii Paradise bracelet for two whole years and it was perfect!
  • Although my jewels last extremely well in the ocean I don’t wear them in chlorinated pools. Nasty chemicals in the chlorine can stain even the purest of jewels, so always take them off if you want to keep your jewels in pristine condition for two years like I did!
  • I always like to take my favourite staple pieces when I travel, some Larimar rings, my Earth Girl bracelets and anklets and I absolutely love the Sea Bubbles wrap, three options in one, perfect!

    I constantly get complimented on my jewellery, out in the surf I’m known for the girl with the jewels and who wouldn’t want to be known by that! Especially when the jewels I wear are Embella, handcrafted and simply incredible. They stand out and are such a statement piece. I look up to Sal for all her hard work with the company.

    I think it’s really important to talk about what you believe in and align yourself with like-minded people, and I wholeheartedly believe in and love Embella. I’ve been an ambassador for a few years now and honestly can’t express how much these jewels have changed my life! Ladies and gents, get on the Embella bandwagon! And no this isn’t just some promotional blog, this is something I truly love and want you all to know about!


    Lots of love, El xo