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    2 products

    Showcase your style with Embella’s range of Sterling silver bracelets and bangles. Each design is a reflection of the ocean and nature which surrounds us. Brighten up any occasion with designs for both men and women made of 92.5% Sterling Silver.

    Become One With Nature
    Embella is all about celebrating the beauty of nature and outdoors, we aim to capture the spirit of Australia with our range of unique and beautiful sterling silver bracelets. Whether you are looking for a bohemian-inspired accessory or an elegant piece for a special occasion, or wedding, we have the right bracelets for you. 

    Power of The Cowrie Shell
    We use a mix of special materials and stones to create our bracelets, including the cowrie shell which is a prominent feature in our collections, featured in our sterling silver and hill tribe silver pieces. The cowrie shell isn’t just beautiful, it has a unique history, once used in Africa as a monetary system, the shells are also known to represent female fertility and are attached to symbolic rituals. 
    Embella is drawn to powerful stones and shells, we feel these offer a uniqueness that makes every piece as individual as the owner wearing it. Our collections draw influence from these ethically sourced stones.


    Sterling Silver Bracelets For Men
    Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the man in your life!  Our range of men’s bracelets are simple, strong designs with two different chain sizes, medium and small. It is perfect for anyone wanting a minimalist aesthetic or as a present to someone special in your life.
    Our Ocean Inspiration
    Our silver bracelets remind us so much of the sea, every time you wear our sleek bangles you can almost hear the crashing of the waves and the crying of the flying gulls. We love to be reminded of such an important part of our world, wherever we are. If you are looking for more ocean-inspired pieces, we suggest browsing our sterling silver earring collection. With many pieces adorned with silvery carved shells, shimmering with blues and green gems, we love to see our silver earrings and bracelets paired together for the ultimate boho-inspired look.