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    Larimar Gemstone at Embella for balance communication and creativity

    Larimar, also known as the Dolphin Stone, is an extremely rare blue variety of the Pectolite mineral family. Forged exclusively in the basalt rock of the volcanic Dominican Republic, Larimar's soothing blue hues combine the Sea and Sky energies. It brings the ancient wisdom of Atlantis and the healing power of dolphins to harmonise the body and soul.

    Larimar is one of the cardinal Water element stones, yet is born of Fire in its volcanic origins. One of the few crystals to balance the polarities of these energies, Larimar cools and calms to nurture the physical and emotional bodies. Sometimes referred to as a natural birthstone for Pisces, its fiery origins also make it well suited to Leo star signs. The calming and healing properties of Larimar help relieve stress and better communicate through the throat chakra.

    Like sunlight dancing on the Caribbean waters, Larimar's soft blue is often streaked with white patterns. The most common colours can range from shades of light blue, green blue and deep blue, the perfect reflection of the moving ocean. Each stone is unique and will vary in shape and colour from the images shown.


    Care Instructions

    Due to Larimar’s photosensitive nature, the brilliant blue hues can fade over time, especially if you spend a lot of time in the sun. Be sure not to use harsh chemicals to clean Larimar, as the soft stone can corrode. When cleaning, use only warm water and a mild soap or detergent. Remove all the soapy residues by rinsing the gemstone very well. You can wipe it down using a soft cotton cloth. Store Larimar away from other gems and jewellery to prevent scratches and fractures.  It is recommended that Larimar is wrapped in a soft cloth or bag, or in a fabric lined jewellery box.