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    Different pieces of Boho jewellery have a lot of features in common. Bohemian clothing, jewellery, and accessories alike reflect many things that appear in nature. Semi-precious stones, feathers, and plant and animal-inspired decorations are common in boho fashion. Each component represents something from the earth and a trait of the bohemian lifestyle. Feathers symbolise the carefree spirit of the boho style while a shell or coloured stone represents the peacefulness of the sea.

    One thing that makes accessorising with boho jewellery so much fun is that you can’t really over accessorise, and nothing really has to match. Express your individuality and embrace the boho fashion you love. Shop our necklacesrings, and bracelets for more of the unique boho looks we’ve created.

    Our mix and match earring sets are the perfect accessories for adding more layers of jewellery for an eclectic look. Each set of mix and match earrings includes two earrings in similar lengths made with the same and/or similar materials. The result is two earrings that have the same boho style while also having an individual look of their own.

    Invest in Stunning Mix Match Sterling Silver Earrings

    For many women who love the carefree boho style, more is better when it comes to accessories. Our mix and match sterling silver earrings are made from high-quality materials and natural embellishments that vary in shape and colour.

    The use of sterling silver means these earrings will be long-lasting and beautiful for years of wear. The unique boho designs will stay in style throughout every season’s new wardrobe. Our mix and match sterling silver earrings are elegant enough to wear with your evening clothes. Browse our collection of Hill Tribe Silver for even more exquisite silver jewellery that is inspired by nature.

    We also include some of the most popular and meaningful semi-precious stones into our designs. Turquoise is one of the oldest gemstones in the world, often used in jewellery for its beautiful and unique colour patterns. The stone is also known for its powers of protection.

    The light green of natural Chrysoprase is reminiscent of pleasant breezes and beautiful beach days. The stone also aids in relaxation and success. Each piece in our mix and match earrings is crafted from meaningful materials into designs inspired by nature.

    Mix and Match Earrings Perfect for Second Piercings

    Layering on bracelets, necklaces, and rings is a common practice for modern-day hippies. Now that multiple ear piercings are more common, it’s possible to add more interest to your ear lobes as well.

    Embella's statement mix and match earring sets are made to be the main attraction! Wear them in the lowest position on your ears. Add more interest by selecting smaller earrings and studs. We offer a large collection of earrings featuring the same nature-inspired designs we use in our mix and match earrings.

    Our collection of mix and match earrings includes something for every free-spirited bohemian. Browse our range and find the perfect accessory to add to your wardrobe. Contact us with any questions about our products.