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    Barefoot and carefree! Dressing up your feet is the ultimate bohemian trend! From our signature anklets to our cute toe rings, you’ll want to show off those toes at every opportunity with our sterling silver jewels! Pair our silver toe rings with your fave open-toe shoes or sandals or opt for a barefoot walk on the beach.

    Embella’s Sterling Silver toe rings are easy to wear, come in a variety of designs and are easily adjustable with a gentle squeeze.

    Handmade Sterling Silver Toe Rings

    Toe rings originated in India where they have an interesting history. Toe rings were worn not for a fashionable accessory but to indicate marriage! Worn on the second toe, Hindu women would wear them as western women wear a ring on their fourth finger. The toe ring is now worn all over the world, it adds an extra flair to the bohemian aesthetic or to a luscious beach babe, wandering the sandy shores. 

    Mix and Match!

    Don’t be worried about mixing and matching your Embella jewels! They are designed to be worn however you choose. That means you are never limited to one style or material. Mix a collection of all your favourites to suit your personality!