Natural turquoise is found worldwide, dating back around 5000 B.C., making it one of the world's oldest and most universal gemstones.

The ancient Egyptians believed turquoise brought good luck, carving the stone into symbolic jewellery and statutes to provide protection against bad luck and enhance their fortunes.

Native Americans believe turquoise to be sacred. Often used in healing rituals or carved into shapes of animals to strengthen and protect their tribe.

Spiritual Energy

Turquoise is a protective talisman of kings and warriors. Whether travelling long distances or finding peace within, turquoise aids in healing and protecting you on your journey.

The strengthening and enhancing properties of turquoise also make it particularly useful for seeking truth, balancing emotional stresses, and boosting communication through the throat chakra.

As the traditional birthstone of December, turquoise is ideal for those born in the Sagittarius zodiac. However, Scorpio and Pisces star signs are also well aligned to the benefits of turquoise.

Water Stones

Water is the life-giving element. Imagine you are floating in the still, warm waters of a tropical island. That sense of tranquillity makes water stones ideal for promoting positivity and encouraging calmness.

Carry a water stone with you to help you find peace and balance.


At Embella, we typically use two variations of turquoise. The bright blue Arizona turquoise or the more green/blue Tibetan turquoise.

Turquoise is known for the veined matrix that creates unique patterns throughout the stone, caused by iron speckles within the copper-aluminium mineral. The presence of copper is what gives it the aqua colour we adore.

Styling with Turquoise

Turquoise Jewellery can be styled in many ways. The bright colour always makes a statement and can be set in silver or gold. Turquoise also matches well with many other gemstones. We love pairing turquoise with larimar!

When styling your jewels, remember that larger rings and necklaces make bold statement pieces that can easily be worn by themselves for impact. You can also easily stack turquoise with your favourite jewels, mixing and matching to suit your mood or vibe.