Behind the collection: Reflections

Silver has always been our material of choice. She has such a majestic incandescence to her that even when tempted to sway we always find ourselves right back at her feet. Our loyal customers feel the same way. Some of our most iconic and popular pieces have been simple designs that take the breath away simply by the way they catch the light.

We have taken the time this year to really explore how we can build a design off not just the silver, but the light around us.

How can we harness light and shadow in different ways? How we can turn this into a different experience? How can we connect the owner of this piece to not just the piece itself, but the world around them? 


Reflections is simultaneously the most simple and complex collection of the year. We have limited our use of playful charms and stones and instead focused on how we shape the silver for each piece. You will still find a few smatterings of moonstone in there, known for its ability to enhance imagination, as well as a sumptuous sea pearl that will steal a few hearts.

This would have to be one of our most conceptual collections ever and one that we are so incredibly proud of. It’s brought about a whole new layer of appreciation for light and energy within the Embella team and we look forward to sharing that with all of our beautiful clients.