Behind the Collection: Sea Life

It has always called to me, the ocean. Ever since I was a little girl that rush of water tugging at my feet as I tried to bury my toes in the sand has stayed with me.


It’s one of those sensations you hear people try and put into words over and over but never quite manage to articulate. You dive into those vast, salty depths and all of a sudden you’ve drifted away from your anxieties and found a new place to

The ocean and sea life in general has always been a foundation to Embella’s designs, however this year we’ve taken it to a new level, working to build a narrative between the pieces and a new way for our loyal customers to connect with and experience the jewellery.

Sea Life features two stones that we have found bring a really incredible energy we relate to ocean experience. We have used an abundance of blue-green turquoise throughout to introduce calming and healing energies to the owners day. Splashes of striking larimar ethically sourced from the Caribbean can also be found. Larimar is known for not only those same anxiety-relieving properties, it can enhance confidence and communication.

We’ve also tried a few new things with our use of silver including the introduction of a more frosted finish. It’s added a more natural, and dare I say raw, element to the piece that we fell in love with. 

The blend of playful sea life charms, hand-pressed detailing and gentle flowing designs results in an inspiring (and just a wee bit magical) adventure in the sea. 

Check out the full Sea Life Collection here