Staff Picks

As we come into the end of the year, a time I refer to as 'sale season' arrives. A time where everyone is frantically trying to find that perfect gift for their friends and family. So we thought we'd give you a helping hand and gather a list of the Embella girl's top picks!


Sally With the Islander Set





 The Islander Set

"My Islander pieces have been an Embella staple since the beginning. It's been constantly featured in collections because everyone loves it. These pieces combine my love for the earth and sea and showcase the beautiful Turquoise stone."



Margot With a Kompanero Bag








A Kompanero Bag

"I've always believed in investing in quality pieces, and I've been eyeing these Kompanero bags ever since they came into our store. The detail work on the front of the bags is beautiful and unique! I know it's a bag that will last!"


Taylah With New Moon Rising Wrap

New Moon Rising Wrap

"This piece reminds me of my trip to India. My friends and I would sit at night and watch the sun go down and see the moon rise into the sky. It's also so versatile, I love wearing it as a necklace but you can wear it as a bracelet or anklet too!" 


Ella With Kora Printed Cami





Kora Printed Cami

"I've been needing a new summer go-to top and this is it! The fabric feels like nothing on, perfect for the days I go out with my dogs." 



Jenni With Rockpools Necklace





Rockpools Necklace

"This is a showstopping necklace. It's one that anyone could wear and would look absolutely stunning on them. And to be able to get it on sale is amazing because it is definitely worth it."



Grace With Folio Shoes






Folio Shoes

"Whilst you can't go past any of our amazing jewellery, these shoes are so good! I'm loving the espadrille type sole right now and combine that with the crossed straps what more could you want! Plus they're extremely comfy"



Kirra With Sea Bubbles Wrap







Sea Bubbles

"I can't go past the Sea Bubbles wrap. There's nothing else out there like it with individually handcrafted beads and the versatility of the wrap style. I wear mine every day and recommend it to so many people!"


Anna With Jasmine Maxi Dress









Jasmine Maxi Dress

"I am in love with the musky pink hues and floral vibes in this piece with the added structure of the black detailing and delicate fabric. I'm just a maxi girl at heart" 


Teagan With Totem Earrings









Totem Earrings 

"These earrings are so unique! When I first saw them I wasn't too sure, but now I can't stop looking at them. I just think they're such a statement piece, but still subtle at the same time!" 


 Demi With Belize Wrap







Belize Wrap 

"I have always adored the Belize Wrap and its intricate details as it reminds me of the tranquillity of the ocean. I absolutely love how you can wear this gorgeous piece of hill tribe silver as a necklace, bracelet or anklet x"





Claudine Top

"I've always had a weakness for patterns and this top has the dreamiest embroidery and intricate details. The fabric is so soft and lightweight, perfect for the Darwin weather. And you can style it so many ways so it's a must have for me!"