Gift Guide

The holidays are one of my favourite time, being able to spend time with my loved ones and reflect back on the year that has been. I find that everyone always strives to find that perfect gift that their loved ones will cherish. To help with that I've put together some of my most loved pieces to create some gift set ideas! 

Perfect for the forest lovers out there! These three pieces combine the raw energy of the earth and let it flow through you. Featuring the Dahlia Leaf Studs, Goddess Wrap Ring and Bamboo Leaves Bracelet

Perfect for the ocean loving babes who connect with the sea on a deeper level. Our Spirals of the Sea pieces all reflect the dark beauty and strength found in the ocean and the constant movement of life. Featuring the Dancing Spirals Necklace, Dancing Spirals Earrings and Monsoon Ring.

Showcasing the purity and calm of the moon and bringing emotional stability from one of our favourite stones, Moonstone. Feel the perfect harmony between pure silver and Moonstone bring you calm and peace. Featuring our New Moon Rising Wrap, Luna Dream Ring and Dawn Studs. 

For those who dream of the ocean and long for the next moment you can reunite. Perfect for those babes who love the simple things in life, but still want to stay connected to the sea. Featuring our South Seas Ring, South Seas Studs and Beachcomber Anklet.

Two of our staple Embella pieces, the Isola Journey Bracelet and Sage Ring. For those wanderers out there always longing to discover secret havens. 

This is the perfect set for the simple loving babes out there. Show of your elegance and grace whilst staying true to your boheme roots. Featuring our Shimmer Wrap, Tropical Stackers and Silver Sun Earrings


Or if you're still unsure why not try our Embella Box! You'll be sent a monthly surprise full of Embella jewels to discover the unknown.  


Come and visit us in our Darwin and Yamba stores and find your perfect set this holiday season! 


Love and light x