Jewellery Care

Welcome to 2019! ✨ 

We love the start of a new year, bringing so many possibilities and new adventures to discover the beauty all around us. We’ve always found that clearing your mind and cleansing the soul aid in creating positive energy to hold onto for the year to come. It’s known we love using semi precious stone in our designs, which can help in cleansing and direction. Here’s our top stones to help you prepare for the year ahead.


  1. Turquoise

Known to be the oldest amulet for protection, Turquoise will aid in protecting you from the negatives in this world. It also provides inner calm to any tumultuous emotions and ensures the mind and soul are soothed.


  1. Carnelian

Carnelian is a warm, vibrant stone that can boost confidence and the power of true expression. Also used in ancient traditions as a crystal of healing used to ease the tensions and stress of external life by helping circulate the fiery energy to your soul.


  1. Onyx

This dark quartz keeps the mind free of societal expectations and self-doubt, leaving your authentic self to contemplate your path forward in the everchanging universe. Let your true inner self be reflected out into the world and free your soul from self-doubt and anxiety to enhance your life’s journey.


We love including such powerful and meaning crystals in our designs to create such positive amulets. In order to reap the full benefits, it is important to keep the crystals in your jewellery charged and free of negative energies. With the full moon upon us tonight, it is the perfect time to refresh. Cleanse your crystals with natural water and set them in a safe place just after sunset to prepare them for their full moon charge. After the full moon has passed and infused healing and increased the positive energies of the crystals bring them inside to reap the benefits.