Lets Celebrate Women

Happy International Women's Day! We're here to honour and celebrate the power of women and the incredible feats conquered on a daily basis. 

I've put in a lot of hard work and determination over the years to shape and grow Embella to what it is today and it hasn't been easy. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who are strong and as passionate as you are has been key to get to where I am today. Embella was my first baby, and now I'm blessed to have two beautiful joy filled children. They fill my life with light and love, along with days of struggle but that just proves to me that we as women are warriors and have been made to withstand so much. 

I always find something that I truly find inspiring to base my designs from and respect that in the best way I know how. One of my favourite semi-precious stones to use when designing my handmade jewellery is Larimar. Larimar is created by volcanic activity in the Caribbean waters and helps to balance fire and water energies. It also plays a part in awakening feminine power and balancing the emotions. 

Embella is a majority female staffed company and on this International Women's day I really want to pay tribute to that. We have to band together in society and be there to support and hold each other's hand as we walk our way through life. We are warriors, we are mothers, sisters, friends, daughters and no one can change that. Let's embrace our inner strength together and make the world a better place for the women to come.