What is Gold Vermeil?

After the launch of our newest collection, Golden Daze, many of you may be wondering what Gold Vermeil actually is and why we've chosen to use it. 

Our Gold Vermeil, pronounced 'ver-may', is made from pure 99.95% Hilltribe Silver which has been expertly plated with a 3-micron thick layer of 18 karat gold. The result is a gorgeous piece of jewellery made with high-quality materials that we can't wait for you to experience. Due to the high level of quality in the materials, our Gold Vermeil pieces are extremely hypoallergenic and are a perfect option for those who are sensitive to metals. 

Gold Vermeil is a great alternative to solid gold due to its affordability. We wanted to ensure we are providing you the highest quality we can, but with an affordable price so that everyone can fall in love with our golden pieces. However, unlike our Hilltribe Silver pieces, we recommend not wearing our golden pieces in whilst swimming as this can damage the finish. These jewels if cared for correctly will last you for years to come. 

Discover our Golden Daze collection here and fall in love.