Spotlight on: Moonstone

With the passing of Easter and the bringing of new beginnings we thought we'd share one of our favourite semi-precious stones we love to use in our designs, Moonstone! 

This beautiful stone comes in a range of shades from crystal clear, to milky whites, and shifting blues. Each stone is unique and possesses its own characteristics with the mixing of colours and patterns. Some of my favourite Moonstone have natural imperfections, proving that beauty can be found in every part of life. 

On a more spiritual level, Moonstone is known to provide emotional release by tapping into the emotions and banishing all negative energies. I've always found the Moonstone to bring soothing properties to the stress of daily life and serve as a reminder to focus on the present. This stone is also used for new beginnings, drawing on the power of the all-powerful Moon and letting the lunar light be a guide throughout the unknowns of life. 

The combination of the physical and spiritual beauty of this stone is what I really love showcasing in my designs. It's always so important to reflect on the meaning of each of the semi-precious stones when I am designing a new creation for you all, and Moonstone is a stone that works in harmony with so many others. I'd love for you to see my range of Moonstone handmade items and hopefully fall in love with something to bring some lunar love into your life x 

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