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Our dear friend Helen Bense of Gypsy Lovin Light takes a moment to share with us her thoughts and feels about the life of travel, plans for the holidays, and what the future holds. 
Ever influenced by the natural world, Helen picked her three favourite Embella looks for a hot Christmas Down Under. A cool Ocean look reflects Helen's happy place that nurtures and heals her the most. A powerful Moon look to channel the celestial energy, and a shimmering Gold look to represent our goddess within. This collection showcases all of Helen's favourite Embella pieces so you can channel your inner gypsy this festive season.

Gold Look Gypsy Lovin Light

What is happening in the Gypsy Lovin Light world right now?

I feel as though Gypsylovinlight is somewhat transforming right now. Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time in nature and meditating on what I feel most passionate about creating and sharing with all my heart. I’ve been journaling a lot and hopefully, soon I’ll begin sharing some of these thoughts. My heart is filled with compassion for those who have no voice, and I want to use my platform to advocate for these causes.

What is your motivation and / or philosophy regarding the importance of travel?

I feel that travel makes us humble. It awakens us to a world outside of our own daily struggles. It brings tolerance and acceptance for those who are different than us. It teaches us new ways to experience and appreciate life. We have been focused on travelling more consciously and sustainably to countries that are less financially fortunate than us. We want to help support these local communities that depend on tourism.

Where are you travelling to next?

Our next trip is a surprise! All I can say now is it's in Australia to a place we’ve never been to before. It’s off the beaten path, full of rock pools and marine life adventures and I can’t wait! Keep an eye out on my Insta come January 2020.

Moon Look Gypsy Lovin Light

What are the benefits and challenges that you face in your journeys when travelling with a family?

For our children, in particular, we highly value the life skills that come with travelling. We can now see how they think outside the box and how incredibly mature they are for their age. They have so much love and compassion for all beings and deep respect for our planet. The challenges are usually spending so much time together in smaller spaces. We start to get on each other’s nerves after about a week. We usually take a day here and there to do our own thing so we can enjoy our time together. Our only other real challenge to finding plant-based foods, which is thankfully becoming more and more common everywhere we go.

What are your plans for the holidays?

We’ll be spending it with my parents in rural, coastal Victoria. I’m pretty excited to spend time by the beach with the family in a no wifi zone for 2 weeks

What is the perfect Christmas morning (or Christmas dinner) to you?

We celebrate Christmas on the 24th December, as is the Finnish tradition. For me, it’s enjoying all my mum’s Finnish foods – especially my favourite Karjalan piirakka, which is a type of potato or rice pie made with super-thin rye pastry. Thankfully my mum is so amazing and makes these delicious foods vegan for us.

Ocean Look Gypsy Lovin Light
Do you have a bucket list and, if so, what are some of the destinations on it?
Yes, we absolutely do! Greece is at the top, followed by Bora Bora, Philippines, Peru and Croatia. There are also places I dream of visiting again like Glacier national park in Canada/USA and Bawah reserve in Indonesia.
What are your favourite Embella jewels and why?
Even though I’m a huge gold lover, my favourite pieces were the Ocean inspired Larimar rings. They remind me of the flow of the ocean and how relaxing and peaceful it is to float and let go of all your worries.
What effect does wearing jewellery have on you, and how do you think wearing jewellery allows people to express themselves?
Each piece of jewellery carries a story with it, reminding me of where it came from and the places it’s been. It kind of accumulates memories in a way as I wear it from one adventure to the next. I can look at a ring and remember so many special moments and it always makes me smile.
My jewellery choices always reflect my personality and my mood. They take all of my outfits to another level. It’s like the frosting on the cake. I instantly feel elevated as I layer all the different elements together.
What are your goals for 2020?
On a personal level, I hope to spend more time with my family exploring this beautiful world. I’m passionate about helping to save our environment and our animals and I hope to spend more time advocating for this.
I have some plans to start writing a book though I think I’ll take my time with this one. These years as my children are still young have gone by so fast. I want to slow down and spend as much time with them as I can.

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