WIRES Christmas Fundraiser

“The fires of 2019 will be a topic of conversation for years to come”

This fire season has started off in the worst possible ways, with perfect conditions for chaos to erupt in the bush. The fact of the matter is; this has been an unprecedented event that has touched the lives of thousands, and it will continue to have lasting effects long after the news cycle has lost interest in the story. It’s times of adversity like this that our communities, our humanity, really shines through. People helping out in any way they can for no reward, just because it is the right thing to do and deep down, we all know that we’re in this together.
In times like these; an old Hawaiian saying comes to mind; 

"Many hands makes light work"

and in this instance we can really use all the hands we can get, as the level of devastation has had a massive negative impact on the natural world. This land, our mother earth, is our home, our foundation, the heart to our collective soul, and right now she needs our help. There are some real wildlife warriors out there at the moment pitching in to help the less fortunate among us; our furry friends.
WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service) has done some incredible work providing treatment and refuge to countless animals. They arrive dehydrated and distressed, burnt and often covered in ash from the blackened forest they once called home. They are exhausted. They need our help. ‘No man left behind’ applies to all life and it’s our duty to assist when disaster strikes.
embella-assists-with-wires-on-the-bushfire-disaster(Images captured just after the devastating 'Shark Creek Fire' that tore through over 10,000 hectares of bushland surrounding our second home Yamba & Angourie, NSW in September 2019)
This week, Embella is having a holiday raffle to encourage all share in some seasonal goodwill, with all of the proceeds going to WIRES to help out all the orphaned and injured animals displaced due to the bush fires.

Tickets are $5 each

and will get you a chance at winning some incredible prizes, whilst also giving back to a great cause.
Prizes on offer:
1 x bespoke Embella Jewellery Collection valued at AU $688
5 x $100 Embella Jewellery Gift Vouchers
5 x $50 Embella Jewellery Gift Vouchers
Keeping in mind that:
$39 raised can send urgent rescue messages to a volunteer rescuer for 12 months.
$95 raised can ensure 20 calls for help are answered by the rescue team.
$150 raised can help expand our wildlife education for volunteers and the community.
$310 raised can feed all the animals in their care for 1/2 a day.
Remember that we all have a part to play and that we have a power within us that cannot be understated or overlooked. As Aristotle so eloquently said: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. We can accomplish so much more - united as one for a common goal.  

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