How to Identify an Authentic Embella Design

The unique bohemian inspired style that has become synonymous with Embella is primarily what makes our Brand so recognisable.

So, it's not surprise that with the boho trend's rise in popularity, more bohemian style jewellery is readily available across the world. To make sure you're getting an authentic Embella design, there are a few attributes that sets us apart. Watch out for these little design features that identify a true Embella piece of jewellery;

Hand Wiring
Each charm and stone is attached with a sterling silver wire intentionally wrapped in an organic, freehand style.
Hand Threaded
We work with skilled artisans that hand thread our cotton cord for each bespoke piece.
We draw inspiration from nature, so you'll see a lot of charms representing leaves, feathers, flowers, palm trees, animals and the ocean.
Embella's Trademarks
Our jewels each feature one of our trademark stamps. You'll find a silver charm with the 'Embella' logo, our two palm trees, or on some older designs we use our lotus flower logo.


We also have a few styles that are immediately recognisable to our Brand, thanks to designer Sally's creative direction and inspiration. These key Embella jewels highlight Sally's love of the ocean, semi-precious gemstones, HillTribe silver and luxe layering. Our signature pieces include the iconic Girl of the Ocean ring, our unique dreamcatcher necklaces, mix and match earrings, handmade bracelets, anklets and toe rings.

If in doubt, always buy your Embella jewels from our online store or one of our two boutique locations. You can also purchase a curated selection of Embella designs from our official list of stockists, which you can view on our website.