Rose Quartz - The Stone of Love

Rose quartz the powerful crystal that provides unconditional love, infinite peace and compassion making it the most important stone for the heart and  heart chakra and the perfect gift for this upcoming Valentines Day.

Rose quartz and Love
The stone of love, when worn, it is believed to assist in  emotional healing allowing us to give and receive love in all its forms - romantic, family and friendship. Enabling opening of the heart, the gemstone provides empathy and understanding towards others, as well as allowing us to feel forgiveness towards prior negative relationships and in turn provide peace within oneself.

Rose Quartz Perfect for Valentine 


Rose Quartz and health.
Not only does this stone promote love, it also provides many healing properties in terms of health. Believed to be a powerful healing stone in aiding in relieving tension, stress and clear excess fluid from the  body. Rose Quart also provides protection from numerous health concerns including depression and insomnia.

Rose quartz and Self Love
One of the most important properties of rose quartz, is that it promotes the most vital kind of love there is and that is the love for yourself. The crystal is said to be a stone that assists with self healing and heart healing. Rose Quartz provides guidance in understanding situations, encouraging you to be your authentic and true self - whole heartly  accepting yourself for who you truly are.





 Rose Quartz Jewellery

In celebration of love in all its forms, we have put together a special valentines collection using this gorgeous and significant stone. Shop our Rose Quartz pieces below. 

Rose Quartz Jewellery