How to Measure Your Ring Size

Finger sizes change throughout the day and can be largely altered by temperature. Cold fingers tend to be smaller than hot fingers and you may find that your fingers swell as the day goes on.

To ensure a comfortable fit for your ring, we recommend taking several measurements throughout the day and average them out, or measure in the evening in a 'room temperature' environment (ideally around 25° Celsius/77℉).

How to Measure your Ring size

We always recommend being sized by a professional jeweller where possible. However, if you are unable to visit a jeweller then the following methods can be used.

The String Method

Wrap a piece of string around your finger or around the inside of an existing ring to gauge the size.

Important: String usually has some 'give' to it, so it may stretch if pulled tight which could result in a misleading measurement.

Scale Print

Print out our scaled print ring sizer to 100% and place an existing ring over the size chart to find the closest matching size.

Important: It is essential to print carefully to the correct scale. Our print out includes a test area to ensure an accurate measurement.


What if two sizes seem to fit?

Always opt for the bigger size, particularly if the ring type you want has a wider band. 

If you have larger knuckles we recommend measuring firstly where you want your ring to sit and then measure the widest part of your knuckle. Then pick a size somewhere between those two measurements for a snug fit.


What if I'm buying a ring as a surprise?

Try on one of their rings on your own finger, mark your finger with a pen where the ring sits then use the pen mark to measure.


What's my Embella ring size?

Embella Jewellery uses European ring sizes which can be easily converted to US/CAN or AU/UK sizes with our conversion chart below. This chart also details the circumference (around the edge) and the diameter (from one edge to the other) of our ring sizes.