Pearls for June

It's time to talk about the beautiful organic gemstone that is associated with the month of June, Pearl.

Set of Pearl Paradise Necklace and Bracelet
Pearls, known for their purifying qualities, are considered to be extra special in comparison to other jewels of the world, as it is the only jewel to be created by a living organism such as oysters, clams and other mollusks. The process in which a pearl is created, occurs when the mollusk create layers of ‘nacre’ within the shell eventually creating a smooth, round in shaped ‘pearl’. With the most commonly occurring pearl being white, pearls can in fact be found in all different colours, including black, pink, purple and blue.
Warm Luster Pendant and Sea Pearl Earring
The Pearl is possibly one of the most ancient of gemstones to be discovered with the oldest known pearl thought to be from 420 BC, making it easy to understand why there are many different spiritual meanings and references in mythology.
The Chinese believe the pearl has great healing qualities, using them for the treatment of skin and indigestion. In more modern times, pearls have been associated as a symbol of wisdom, loyalty, femininity and balance in oneself.
Set of Mahalo Drops and Dreamcatcher

Alongside Pearl for the month of June is our secondary stone, Moonstone and when styling your jewels - together they make the perfect match. The moonstone brings its connection to the tides of the oceans to complement the watery origins of the pearl, both featuring an iridescent finish. The moonstone-pearl combination can be seen among of many of Sally's handmade designs including the Pearl Paradise Necklace and Bracelet (featured above), the Lara Shell Earrings, the Moonstone Pearl Drops and many other gorgeous designs. Shop entire Pearl Collection below.