Inspiration from the Maldives

Island life. Surrounded by palm trees, pristine beaches and the most beautiful ocean views, its no wonder our love for the Maldives inspires our designs...

The Maldives is one of those destinations that I would happily explore over and over again. I fell in love with the beauty and serenity from our first visit in 2015. I've always taken inspiration from my travels, nature and particularly the ocean, so the Maldives really ticked every box!

Inspiration From The Maldives

My favourite memories are of that trip begun with a nervous 1 hr flight in a seaplane with a barefoot pilot ducking and weaving around clouds flying over the most aqua coloured ocean I had ever seen!

We stayed at the Medhufushi resort in the stunning Meemu Atoll which Ross and I had chosen for its remoteness, white sand beaches & surf!

This was a second honeymoon for us and was before we had our children so we chose an overwater villa with sunset views for 10 days. We spent our days snorkelling, sun baking, massages, surfing and exploring the atoll via boat topped off with sunset cocktails.

Inspiration From The Maldives

The ocean was crystal clear with colourful corals and tropical fish everywhere. Ross surfed early until breakfast everyday with another Aussie guy on his honeymoon also at several of the world class waves in the area. I practiced yoga overlooking the horizon and just soaked up the stunning views.

We also had days of getting dropped of at our very own palm fringed island to explore alone and swim in the tropical ocean with not a soul in sight.

This was such a life changing trip for us as a couple and we really look forward to taking the kids back as soon as we can.

Inspiration From The Maldives
Embella Maldives

For most of us, international travel just isn't a possibility right now for various reasons. This is why I was so somewhat envious to hear Sarah from Salty Luxe had been lucky enough to escape for three whole months on her recent Press tour to the Maldives. In order to safely travel, Sarah had to undergo stringent safety checks and many, many COVID tests! Since we can't join her in her tropical paradise, we sent some Embella jewels along with Sarah to remind her of us back home. Doesn't she look stunning?!

Inspiration From The Maldives

So, a big thank you goes to Sarah for allowing us to live through your travels! We can't wait to see you soon!

See more of Sarah's incredible life and work:

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