Amber for April

Amber, the eye-catching fossil that is recognised for its beauty and unique yellow/orange colouring. Commonly mistaken for a gemstone or crystal, Amber is in fact neither of these and is formed as a result of fossilised tree resin, explaining the common occurrence of flecks of brown and tiny preserved bugs found within Amber pieces. It can be found in numerous places around the world, however, The Dominican Republic and the baltic region of Europe have been reported to have the largest deposits. 

Eye-catching Amber Jewelry


As radiant and warm as its colour suggests, it is no surprise that Amber promotes feelings of happiness, boldness and confidence. In ancient history, amber was believed to be linked with the Sun, some believing it to be ‘drops of sun.’  It’s similarity to the colour gold meant that the fossil is believed to bring good wealth to those who carried it.

Wearing Amber Jewelry


Amber also is known to have strong healing properties. Amber assists with balancing emotions, working with the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra to clear the mind, dissolve negative energies and overall promote positive thinking. As well as being a mentally soothing stone, Amber, when worn is believed to assist with pain. Amber contains a mineral called succinic acid, which is related to assisting with inflammatory disorders being great for anyone suffering from arthritis, sprains, pulled muscles and sore gums and is commonly seen in infant jewellery design to assist in teething.

Amber Jewelry by Embella

If you are born in April, you’re probably a natural-born leader. You are passionate, tenacious and assertive and ambitious, with a determination to reach your goals. Whether you are a fiery Aries or a well-grounded Taurus, Amber blends perfectly with these personalities; maintaining a constant vigilance of the spirit in Aries and for Taurus, adding liveliness, creativity and enhancing intuition.

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