Chrysoprase for Luck, Relaxation and Clarity

Chrysoprase although not considered the ‘primary birthstone’ for May,  very much shares the spotlight alongside emerald for this month as our bohemian birthstone.

Its gorgeous green colour has been found to come in a variety of different greens with some hues being very similar and mistaken by ancient jewellers for emerald. Its difference in colour comes from the amount of occurring nickel which causes the gemstone to range from a light minty-green to a deep apple-green and in some rare occasions, hints of blue.
Chrysoprase Jewelry by Embella
Chrysoprase is traditionally a stone of good luck and success but now more commonly known for its properties in promoting relaxation, love, mental clarity and peaceful sleep, recommended to those who have trouble sleeping by putting the stone under their pillow.
Chrysoprase Stone Jewelry 

The stone also is also known for its ability to stimulate one's creativity and draw out unknown or forgotten talents for all those who carry the stone. Considering the traits of our May-born artistic Taurus' and clever Gemini's, Chrysoprase is a perfect stone to gift for an upcoming birthday.