Moonstone & Pearls

Moonstone, the stone of ‘new beginnings' and a symbol of fertility and sensuality.

Moonstone can be found in numerous places over the world, more commonly being found in India, Sri Lanka and Australia. This crystal is not only thought to harvest the energy of the moon but is recognised by its similarities to the moon, presenting an iridescent white grey and blue colouring, appearing to gradual change colours as the angle of view or the angle of illumination changes.

Moonstone's connection to our moon channels also provides many similar spiritual properties and lunar powers, connecting to our divine feminine to soothe emotions during monthly cycles, helping to balance hormones and provide support.

Along with these elements, this intuitive gemstone also invites creativity, healing and eliminates negative energy providing growth, strength and calmness.

Although moonstone is beneficial for anyone to wear, it is believed to be particularly lucky for those born under the zodiac ‘Cancer’ 22nd June 22nd July who are ruled by the moon. Simply wearing the stone promotes inspiration, success and good fortune.


Alongside Moonstone and best associated with those born in the month of June, comes Pearl.

Pearls are considered to be an extra special in comparison to other jewels of the world, as it is the only jewel to be created by a living organism.

Hailed as the ‘Stone of Sincerity,’ pearls can be used in a similar way to crystals for their healing and spiritual properties. Their balancing vibrations bring harmony to one’s aura encouraging truthfulness and wisdom to your aura. The gemstone also emits feminine energy making them a useful tool in balancing masculine or excessive yang energy in your chakras.

Like Moonstone, Pearls present the power of the Sea bringing the wearer peace, calmness, confidence and courage.

When styling gemstones together - moonstone and Pearl make the perfect match. The moonstone brings its connection to the tides of the oceans to complement the watery origins of the pearl, both featuring an iridescent finish. The moonstone-pearl combination can be seen among many of Sally's handmade designs, shop jewellery below.