Paua Shells and Turtles

The ocean has long inspired me when I design my jewels, so for this collection I wanted to include my favourite Paua Shell and cute turtle charms with my iconic silver jewellery.


Paua Shells

Paua Shell, as named by the Maori people of New Zealand, is also known as abalone or Mother of Pearl. I love Paua Shell for its unique colouring which changes dramatically in light, reflecting striking blues, aquamarines and brilliant greens, with hints of purple and gold.

Also known as the ‘Sea Opal’ this organic gemstone carries a number of spiritual properties for the wearer. It is believed to bring harmony to relationships and strengthen the heart and body.

Using Paua Shell in my jewellery means you get to carry a little piece of the ocean with you wherever you go. Paua Shell is strong and since it comes from the ocean, it can be worn when you go for a swim or surf.



Ancient and tranquil, turtles often symbolise patience and stability. Watching turtles on land and in the sea has been a highlight of my life, making me so grateful to live amongst these creatures in the tropics.

When I use turtle charms in my designs, I think of their wisdom and serenity, being at one with the ocean. I hope that every turtle in my designs is a reminder to the wearer of their endurance and strength.

These symbols of the sea are beautifully paired with my signature silver jewellery and have appeared in my designs throughout the years. I hope you love them as much as I loved creating them for you.