Odyssea Collection

Ross & I have always loved travelling be it overseas or throughout Australia. Since having our kids we have not been able to travel as much as we would like and instead we have been living perjuriously through others be it on Instagram or Youtube or other platforms.

Through this pursuit we discovered a young family who lived fulltime in a caravan with their 3 young kids and had created a youtube channel named Trip In a Van.

We absolutely loved chilling out as a family and watching the adventures and fun times they have together. As it turned out we realised that we had some mutual friends & I grew up in the same hometown in Victoria. Bec had already shopped in our store while visiting Darwin and loved our jewels.


We decide to reach out and see if Bec would be interested in a collaboration with Embella and thankfully she was thrilled with the prospect of helping create a range together. We had several long conversations in regards to the designs and what style jewellery she wished to create and after several months the Odyssea collection was created! 

The name Odyssea is derived from the word odyssey which is defined as an eventful and adventurous journey which is very much how Trip in a Van live their lives on the road and it seemed like a fitting name for the collection.


As with all my jewellery we wanted to create jewellery that was strong and durable but also elegant enough to dress up if needed. The shell that we chose as the centre piece is a cowrie shell which can be found at almost any beach in Australia if you look hard enough.

Bec & I both have collected many of these shells over the years on our travels and it was important that we used them in the design. This was somewhat of a challenge as in casing them in silver was no simple task and it took some time to perfect the silversmithing technique but It was through this trials and tribulations that we have created this stunning range and we couldn’t be happier!


I hope you love the collection and you will need to tune into TIAV youtube channel and follow the adventures of this family - Watch here.