Fall in Love at First Sight with our Latest Collection

We’re so excited to announce the launch of our new collection!

We're calling it Love at First Sight, and each piece features semi-precious gemstones in soft, pastel colours like pale pink rose quartz, blue-green aquamarine, and iridescent opal. The soft, pastel colours are feminine and evoke romance, a perfect gift for that special someone!


Romantic Love

Remember that spark of first love? Butterflies and breathlessness, feeling a little lightheaded… that is the feeling we wanted to capture in the Aloha Kaua Rose Quartz designs. Meaning “may there be love between us” Aloha Kaua reminds us of that exciting, passionate first love.

Rose Quartz is also an amazing spiritual gemstone, said to soothe and calm, awakening the heart to find romance and intimacy, to show love for yourself, and deepen the bonds between family and friends.

Aloha Kaua Rose Quartz Jewellery

Platonic Love

Love doesn’t just have to be between lovers. Sometimes all we need in life is our besties by our side! What better way to show your love for your best friends than with a gorgeous ocean-inspired treasure?

The Ke Aloha necklaces feature a single faceted Aquamarine gemstone set in sterling silver. Ke Aloha means “beloved” in Hawaiian, and the clear crystal Aquamarine represents the heart's truth.

Ke Aloha Aquamarine Jewellery

Aquamarine holds many spiritual properties to enhance your relationships. Providing peace and wisdom, this gemstone is believed to clear your mind and open your heart to new opportunities and relationships.

Show your friends or family just how much you care with the Aloha Nui Loa jewels. Meaning ‘all my love’ in Hawaiian, these raw cut Apatite and Aquamarine jewels come in necklaces, rings, and earrings. The beautiful aqua blue colours of these two gemstones perfectly represent the bonds of friendship. 

Aloha Nui Loa Apaite Jewellery

Add a little excitement with the Mea Aloha hoops. Meaning ‘loved one’, these delightful hoops feature beads of faceted Amazonite and silver which shimmer in the light. Amazonite is a communication stone, bringing the wearer trust, peace, and calmness. It encourages a sense of adventure, making it ideal for representing the fun of friendship. 

 Mea Aloha Amazonite Jewellery



You can’t learn to love others before you love yourself, which is why self-love is so vital for your well-being. We’ve even come up with five of the most essential self-love rituals to practice daily because you deserve to feel happy, healthy, and content in your life. 

We’ve chosen Opal to represent self-love in this collection. Our unique Opal jewels are named Mau Loa, which means ‘forever’ because your self-love journey will never end. You must always take the time to slow down and connect with your needs.

Mau Loa Opal JewelleryThis gemstone comes in a variation of beautiful colours, often catching the light with an iridescent shimmer. Many types of Opal support spiritual and emotional healing and encourage joy, confidence, and inspiration.


Love at First Sight also features our signature silver jewels, including these cute sweetheart studs and a few ocean and nature-inspired designs which can easily be mixed and matched with your most loved Embella jewels.

We hope these new arrivals will be loved forever!