Perfect Pairings for Mother and Child

The relationship between mother and daughter is one of the most beautiful, sacred bonds a woman will ever experience in her lifetime.  
Show your love this Mother’s Day with matching pairings from the Embella range, and you’ll never be far away. The perfect gift to remind mum of you.. or you of mum! 


Island Leaf Earrings & Tropical Leaves Bracelet  

Living on the coast, we are constantly inspired by the world around us. The sand trickling through our toes. The salt water splashing the cuffs of our jeans. The palm leaves swaying gently in the island breeze. Our Island Leaf Earrings celebrate the everyday simplicity and beauty of nature. Each leaf is hand crafted and stamped from Sterling Silver, suspended from a bead of Tumbled Rutilated Quartz under a sterling silver ear hook. Just like mums – our fiercest protectors – Rutilated Quartz emanates self-reliance, determination and protection.  

The Island Leaf Earrings pair perfectly with the Tropical Leaves Bracelet. Our beautiful bracelet draws on the power of the forest, featuring a tropical leaf hand-stamped on Hilltribe Silver. The leaf is framed by a series of circular chakra symbols, reminding us of the infinite and cyclical nature of the universe’s energy. It also represents connection to other beings – a perfect reminder on Mother’s Day of the bond between mother and daughter. Note the adjustable cord in Polywax Cotton, so the Tropical Leaves Bracelet can flawlessly fit every wrist.  

Kids Island Dreaming Necklace & Island Dreaming Anklet  

We’re dreamers here at Embella. Living life in harmony with nature means we have time to reflect, to meditate, to journal, to feel, to wander. We believe in living life in harmony with nature – because it boosts our health and wellbeing, as well as lessening our impact on the environment, but also because it’s the way we want to be.  

The Island Dreaming Anklet is the perfect accessory for salty toes that spend their day running through the surf. Our anklet represents the simplicity of island life, through a minimalist design of rice beads, the iconic ocean bubble, and a hand stamped leaf charm, all in Handcrafted Hilltribe Silver with Sterling Silver clasps.  

Match the Island Dreaming Anklet with the Island Dreaming Necklace from our Kids range. Available in either a 35cm or 40cm size, our Island Dreaming Necklace is a sweet gift to the little island dreamer in your life. We can’t imagine a better Mother’s Day than daydreaming under the warm sun and swaying leaves of the beach! 

Ripple Studs & Silver Pebbles 

Match mum with a perfect pairing of simple, understated stud earrings. The Ripple Studs feature a concentric circle design like the gentle ripples left on the ocean’s surface by a jumping fish. Hand-pressed in Hilltribe Silver, these understated studs elevate any look.  

To complement the Ripple Studs, try our Silver Pebbles. Like grey stones on a beach worn smooth by decades of ocean waves, the Silver Pebbles earrings have a softer, matte pearlescent look. Our Silver Pebbles are a classic and sophisticated earring made of Hilltribe Silver with a frosted finish. Elevated handmade jewellery for those who love the beautiful simplicity of nature. 

Soek Sunglasses

We don’t just say we have values. We live them. Support the planet with our sunglasses range, which utilises timber sourced only from ethically managed forests bound by the sustainable forestry management standards of the FSC.  

Cut out the glare with our Savannah Blush Pink SOEK sunglasses, featuring Premium UV400 polarised lenses, light hand-crafted walnut wood frames, and a subtle cat-eye shape in translucent pink. Because while we love bohemian living, we don’t love squinting into the sun! 

For mum, try the Lila Grace Ivory Tortoise. The classic mottled honey, hazel and black speckled pattern are softer on the face than other styles, enhancing your mum’s beautiful smile. While tortoise shell glasses used to be made from the shell of real hawksbill turtles, at Embella we like to keep animals in the ocean where they belong – and the Lila Grace Ivory Tortoise is crafted from quality acetate.  

Kids Islander Anklet or Bracelet & The Islander Bracelet  

The Kids Islander Anklet or Bracelet is particularly dear to our founder Sally’s heart. The leaf charms and tumbled Turquoise beads reference Sally’s memories of long barefoot walks in the turquoise waters of a secluded island. The anklet or bracelet (depending on your preference) is available in six sizes – perfect for both smaller and bigger bubs.  

The Kids Islander Anklet or Bracelet pairs perfectly with our Islander Bracelet. The bracelet features similar motifs including a mother and daughter leaf charm, and natural Turquoise stones. Make sure to slide the adjustable bead on the Islander Bracelet to fit it to your preferred length. Both Islander jewels are ocean friendly, meaning you can run into the waves without worrying about tarnishing your beautiful bracelet.  

We hope you have enjoyed our gift guide of perfect pairings. And if you’re still unsure, make sure to pick up a hard-copy Mother’s Day gift voucher or e-gift voucher from our website. Give the gift of choice!  


Find more beautiful jewels to help you enjoy a very special day celebrating the bond between mothers and daughters on our website.  

xx the team at Embella