Embella Darwin Turns 10!

In 2012, we opened our very first boutique in the tranquil Star Village Arcade of Darwin’s Smith Street Mall. This year, we celebrate an exciting milestone… 10 whole years!


What a journey it has been so far! As we look back and reflect on our story, we’re so humbled and thankful to all of you who have joined us along the way. So, let’s look at how it all began, the memories we have made along the way and dream about what’s next for Embella.


Embella Darwin Shop First Opening

The Bohemian Dream

When I was a young girl, I loved to dance. My creative mum used to make my dance costumes and sew on all the sequins! She’d help me collect up the sequins that had fallen off after countless dances, and I would repurpose them into embellishments for these little bracelets I would make. I remember decorating a box to put them in and getting my dad to sell them in his shop for 30 cents each! I’d use the money I made to go out and buy more beads and supplies to make more bracelets; I couldn’t make them fast enough!


My love of jewellery making began when I was 7 years old at home in Warnambool. Getting my creativity from my mum and my business acumen from my dad, it seemed I was destined to become a creative business owner. At 16, I registered my first business (Sally’s Coastal Beads) and began the first of many festival and market circuits at Port Fairy Folk Festival. This was the beginning of what we now know to be Embella Jewellery.

 Sally’s Coastal Beads the Beginning of Embella

Before long, I met Ross and together, we set off on the adventure of a lifetime, bringing Embella Jewellery to markets and festivals across Australia. In 2005, we found ourselves soaking up the heat and sun of Darwin at our first ever Mindil Beach Sunset Markets. Deciding to settle in the tropical town was a no-brainer. As the gateway to Asia, we were able to travel easily from Darwin to Thailand, Morocco, the Maldives, Europe and more… all in search of only the best materials for jewellery making. We were privileged to meet the beautiful Karen HillTribe people, collaborating with them to create new pattern designs that the HillTribe’s ancient hand-stamping techniques brought to life.


After a few years, we opened the Darwin boutique. Since then, we’ve opened a second boutique in Yamba – our second home – had two amazing kids and built a solid and incredible team who share our passion and enthusiasm for jewellery.

 Sally and Ross Travel Journey With Embella

The Design Journey

When I look over the broad collection of jewellery I have designed over the years, each one tells a part of our story, documenting our travels and reminding us of happy memories.


We walk many paths in our lives, and none so memorable as when I crossed paths with Ross. Since we met, we have barely been apart, and my Crossing Paths ring symbolises those chance meetings and new adventures.



The Gypsy Traveller design was created when we were travelling across Asia. This double-strand design features a protection feather, spiral of life and rising sun charm. Each charm represents the energy I wish to carry on my journey… to feel safe, happy, and grateful for this amazing life.



When we visited the beautiful Maldives, I drew inspiration from the crystal-clear waters, the beautiful tropical palms, and the fantastic wildlife. My Isola Journey design translates to Island Journey. Imagine adventuring across ocean waters from island to island, enjoying fresh coconuts in the leafy shade of a palm tree.



The Girl of the Ocean Ring, one of my most loved designs, was inspired by the strength and power of the ocean. The natural white Cowrie shell makes a statement, encased in sterling silver with four of my signature silver sea bubbles surrounding it. Set on a wide, patterned band, it can be easily worn for any occasion or any location… my favourite? The beach!



Our story wouldn’t be complete without the Soul Sister Bracelets. Made in two styles, both depict the greatest bond you can have between two women – the women who support you, laugh with you and will be there for you forever. Your besties, your sisters.



I take great pride in pouring my creativity and emotion into every design, so no matter what you choose, your Embella jewels will always have a special meaning to you.


What’s next for Embella

We are celebrating with a big 10th birthday party for some exclusive guests! A night of fashion with music, good food, great company, and a few special surprises for our wonderful community! We can’t wait to commemorate this milestone with you all.


We are so grateful you have joined us so far on this journey, and as we take the next step, we hope you will continue to share it with us.


With love, Sally and the Embella team xxx

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