How to Style Summer Anklets

Anklets are the hottest summer trend and one of our most loved pieces of jewellery, so we wanted to share some of our favourite designs and how to style them.

But first, if you don't know... What are Anklets?

Anklets, also called ankle bracelets, ankle chains or ankle strings, are a chain worn around our ankles and often decorated with charms and gemstones. Anklets are great for anyone who loves boho-style jewellery or those barefoot wanderers and beach lovers.

How to wear Embella Anklets

Anklets are best worn in the warmer summer months when you can show them off with bare feet on the beach or a pair of sandals on the streets. Like bracelets, you can wear a few anklets at the same time, it's typical to wear two or three together.

To create a luxe boho look, wear your anklets with other jewellery pieces like toe rings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings, and pair your jewels with a lightweight linen dress. 

stack and style anklets on both ankles

If you want to wear your anklets with shoes, stick to sandals or thongs (flip flops). Running shoes or boots can cause the anklet to rub against it, creating friction and speeding up wear and tear.

Shimmering Silver

Some of our most popular everyday designs feature our very special Hill Tribe silver. The 'Shimmer' anklet and 'Reflections' anklet both feature handcrafted silver beads that are easily stacked and styled with other designs. The simplicity of these styles means you can wear them anywhere, and the pureness of the Hill Tribe silver means you can wear them in fresh and salty water too!

We like to style our silver anklets with our signature toe rings. Most popular are our 'In Between The Lines' toe rings.

silver anklets featuring Hill Tribe Silver beads and charms

Ocean Vibes

By now you probably know of our love of the ocean. We use the blue and green tones of turquoise and larimar in many designs inspired by the ocean.

From our classic Aqua Seas anklet to our bestselling The Islander anklet and even the new Miami collection features our favourite semi-precious gemstones. Paired with Hill Tribe silver beads, these treasures are also ocean friendly!


Lucky Charms

Embella anklets often feature our unique silver charms. Each charm holds a special meaning from our rising sun, lucky fish or tropical leaves charms. You can find charms in our Isola Journey, Sea Life, Rising Sun anklets and many, many more designs.

Charm anklets with turquoise gemstones, silver beads and charms 

Wearing and caring for your anklets

Embella anklets are designed in one of two ways. Either with a Sterling Silver parrot clasp and chain with approximately 2 - 3 cm of adjustment or a Hilltribe Silver bead on Polywax cotton cord which can adjust more generously.

Our silver anklets can be worn in fresh or salty water, just remember to rinse with fresh water and dry with a soft, cotton cloth afterwards and store in a jewellery bag or box.