Our Top 10 Valentines Picks

Valentines day is often associated as a day for lovers, romance and expensive flowers. Although we love all those things, we believe love can be expressed in many forms; for romantic relationships, special friendships and the love we have for ourselves. 
The gifting of a promise ring on this very day is traditional practice, however, sometimes the gifting of a ring can be weighted a little too far on the commitment side. At Embella we relish in the idea of spreading the love and quality bespoke jewellery. 


So we’ve put together ten of our favourite earrings for Valentines Day:
Shadow Twist earrings

Catch the eye of your beloved in our Shadow Twist Earring. These beautiful hand-hammered sterling silver earrings catch the reflection of light adding a little extra sparkle to your face.

A new moon represents the start of a new cycle, fresh beginnings. If you’re looking to step back into the house of love our Golden New Moon earrings symbolise a nice place to start. 

This special piece is from our limited edition gold vermeil collection and comes in two sizes, small and large.

Embella's gold vermeil jewellery is crafted using 99.95% pure Hilltribe silver, expertly plated with a layer of 3 microns thick 18 carat gold.

Golden New Moon Small

Karma Drops, where earth meets the sea. The concept brought to life with an individual cowrie shell, “The spirit of the sea” and a single hand-crafted sterling silver leaf, the symbol of “life and energy”. Perfect for our earthy mermaid friends and lovers. 

The golden Sea Dust earrings emanate grace and feminine power. A prosperous cowrie shell sits in the centre of a fine gold plated strip of sea bubbles.

Our gold plated jewels feature a sterling silver base plated in 1 micron thick
22 carat gold. As such, our golden jewels are delicate and should not be
worn in water.

Turquoise is a semi-precious stone abundant in symbolism and meaning. During this time of love, our Sea Dreamer earring will help to tint the heart with friendship, love, joy & emotional harmony. 

Featuring a combination of turquoise stones, amongst a whirl of leaves, feathers and hand-stamped silver beads.

Illuminate love! The Golden Dewdrop earring makes a statement, with the bright blue hue of turquoise set in a bed of intricately detailed gold plated drops. 

Use tranquil Larimar to add a touch of softness to the heart. Known for its profound affect on the heart chakra, Larimar, a semi-precious stone radiates healing and love energy! 

Five small cowrie shells hang closely from a generous sterling silver hoop, making them a very fun accessory for wherever your Valentine’s Day (or night) ends up. We think best worn to a picnic on the beach or dancing the night away! 

With open hearts, three beads of Larimar hang delicately in a circle of tumbled sterling silver. Stamped on a piece of our Hilltribe silver, two little fish remind us that whichever way the current goes, we go with the flow. 

Finishing with fun! Take yourself, or that special someone, on a little island holiday. Known for its amazing sights, holiday romancing and nightlife, our Ibiza earrings are ready to take you on a little adventure.