Embella Has A New Look

A new decade for Embella means some of you might have noticed a few small changes to our brand.

Blossoming like a lotus, our original logo, the lotus flower symbolised the beginning. It symbolised starting from the ground up and the unique transformation into something beautiful. Though we will continue to grow and move slowly into the next chapter, the message of the lotus embodies the Embella ethos and will continue to do so through Sally’s lotus inspired designs.


Embella Boutiques have changed their looks over the last decade

As we move into the new decade and our eighth year since we opened our Darwin boutique, the Embella logo has now morphed to two tropical palm trees.

The palm trees represent being based out of Darwin and Yamba, two of the most beautiful coastal towns in Australia. The palm tree itself symbolises growth, but it also represents putting our roots down and feeling established.


The palm trees are also an ode to the first book Sally ever read to her children, ‘Something Amazing’ by Steve Fawley. The children's story tells the tale of an unlikely friendship between a whale and a snail. United by curious wonder and wholehearted trust, a sense of adventure finds these friends sailing the big blue sea together. A beautifully illustrated book which celebrates friendships no matter how you look, holds a very special place in Sally's heart.

Support the author by purchasing your own copy of 'Something Amazing' here.

New Embella branding features two tropical palm trees

In our efforts to stay in alignment with our environmental ethos and remaining conscious of unnecessary waste, you'll notice our rebranding is transitioning slowly as we utilise existing materials. So, you'll see small reminders of the lotus era popping up from time to time.