Cleaning Silver Rings

When was the last time you cleaned your rings?

Now more than ever, we're encouraged to wash our hands and practice good hygiene in the wake of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. That should include the rings we wear on our hands, which can often have intricate patterns or settings with small crevices for germs to hide. But often, we completely overlook the regular cleaning of our rings.

Embella's silver rings are made with high quality Sterling Silver or HillTribe Silver exclusively. Since silver is a soft metal element that can tarnish, care must be taken when cleaning to retain the texture and finish by using gentle cleaning and polishing methods regularly.

Cleaning Silver

Without regular cleaning, your jewellery will become harder to restore to its original brilliance. There are a number of methods for giving your silver jewellery a deep clean. Here's our preferred method for ensuring a hygienic clean;

Tools for Soapy Water Cleaning Method

 .Step One - Add Silver Jewellery to Soapy Water

Step Three - Rinse and Dry With Polishing Cloth 

Step Two - Scrub Silver Jewellery With Tootbrush.





    This gentle cleaning method may require some extra effort and time on your part, especially if your jewellery has tarnished, but it will better preserve the detail and quality of your jewellery.

    NOTE: Only soak silver materials on their own. Don’t soak any materials that include wood or similar.


    Polishing Silver

    To remove dirt, smudges and oils from the surface, you should polish your silver regularly with a soft polishing cloth or soft cotton cloth. Never used coarse fabrics as this will result in scratching.