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If you’re anything like us, then you probably spend a lot of time at the beach! Soaking up some rays with your feet in the sand or sea, breathing in that fresh salty air. You'll be all too aware of how quickly some jewellery can become damaged or tarnished in the harsh ocean. No worries! Embella has always created jewellery with the ocean in mind, so you can surf or swim safely, knowing we use the highest quality materials designed for the rough and tumble of the sea.

Starting with our poly wax cotton collection, the must have jewellery for surfers. The waxed cotton is flexible and waterproof, making it less likely to fade. This material is a great alternative to leather and we’ve found it to be stronger than leather too!

For the blokes, we love the Hawaii Men's Necklace and Bracelet, the poly wax cotton cord is strung with Hill Tribe silver handcrafted beads.

For the girls, there is so much to choose from! A few of our favourites are; the Pippies Bracelet, Silver Sands Necklace and Savannah Choker.

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The durability of HillTribe Silver makes this 99.5% pure silver metal the perfect combo of ocean combat & boho beauty. Its high silver content means it is more resistant to tarnishing in the surf - an essential consideration for the water babes among us! Not to mention, the intricate hand stamped designs add a luxe finish to the silver charms.

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Picture a beautiful sunny day down by the beach, ocean glistening, wave after wave crashing on the shore. You only leaving the shade of a palm to take a splash in the cool water. Along the shore you spot a shell or two, taking them back to your towel as a trinket of this perfect day. Is there any better way to wear the sea, than by adorning your jewels with these ocean treasures?

We love seashells! So it's no surprise they feature a lot in our designs.

Some of our favourite shells to use in our jewellery are:


An amulet for all the ocean lovers. Known to represent the goddess of protection and bring with it strength and success. When it comes to us ocean lovers and wave riders there's no better companion to take with us into the sea. 

Paua Shell

It’s hard not to be enchanted by the iridescent patterns of the Paua shell. Found only along New Zealand’s rocky coast, wild-harvested in small numbers, these are an extra special and protected gem. Within the Maori culture it is believed that wearing the Paua will strengthen both the body and the heart. And when gifted, the shell will provide luck, protection and peace to the wearer.

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Not sure if the jewellery you want is suitable to wear in the ocean? Look for the new 'Ocean Friendly' symbol or contact us today! As a guide, most of our silver jewellery is suitable to wear in salt or fresh water. However, we generally suggest limited exposure to water containing harsh chemicals like chlorine. We do not recommend exposing our golden jewellery to water as it may damage the plated finish. To keep your jewellery looking its best for longer, check out our care instructions.

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