Prehnite for August

Peridot is usually birthstone you hear for those born in the month of August. This stone although sometimes used is not commonly seen through Sally’s designs, therefore we are bringing you the next best thing to spoil those August born this month…Prehnite!

Prehnite, first found in South Africa, is defined by its light almost transparent green colour. The stone is found in basaltic volcanic rocks, igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks . The stone is usually found to be quite strong in colour but when extracted and exposed to air the colour fades. Its is rare to find this stone in columnar form  and usually found in a grape like formation thus why you will see the addition of prehnite in Embella jewellery to be a round bead like shape.

It is believed that prehnite is the stone of unconditional love and a stone of healing, being used by crystal healers for treatment of symptoms of gout, anaemia, kidney disorders as well as shoulder and chest pain.  It is also said that the stone encourages composure, forgiveness and acceptance and therefore recommended to be worn or by used during practices of meditation.
Originally published 2020. Updated 2021