Styling Sessions: Stack + Layer

    ‘I totally just threw this on’

We all crave that effortless jewellery styling, even if we’ve spent hours switching necklaces and adding rings, then moving them to different fingers. So, how do you create the perfect layered jewellery look?


Firstly, consider your outfit. This is super important when it comes to necklaces!

Layering Necklaces

Layering Necklaces

Think about the neckline of the top, dress or bikini you are wearing. You want the layered necklaces to sit just above or below the neckline, rather than right on the neckline. Necklace layering works best with simple necklines so your jewellery remains the focus.

Mix pendants when layering necklaces. Opt for pendants of different sizes, colours or stones. Mixing stones really gives your look that luxe boho feel!

Keep it balanced! Try to evenly space the necklaces out by incorporating a few different lengths. For example, we love to pair our rising sun necklace with our shimmer wrap.

Avoid layering too many necklaces. You want each piece to shine and prevent them all becoming a tangled mess at the end of the day, so we say ‘no more than four’ necklaces.

Embella Style of Layering Necklaces


Stacking Rings

Stacking Rings

Rings can be stacked either on a single finger or across your hands. If you have smaller fingers, we recommend spreading the rings across multiple fingers to help elongate the hand.

Stick to one or two chunky statement rings, any more than that will weigh you down and look too cluttered. Space them out and add more delicate rings to finish the look. One of our favourite looks includes a statement silver ring, like our Gypsy’s Map, with our effortless Tropical Stackers.

If you prefer the paired back look, opt for a dainty piece like the Luna Dream or Rising Lotus Ring paired with a couple of our Pacific Rings.

Embella Style of Stacking Rings

Layering Bracelets and Anklets

Bracelets & Anklets

Stacking bracelets and anklets are the easiest way to achieve a luxe layered look. From bangles and cuffs to bracelets, mixing and matching styles works beautifully. We really love stacking a few of our handmade stone bracelets together, or pairing them with our favourite jewellery must-haves like the silver sun bangle.

Anklets are just as easy, wear them over both ankles or just stack them on one. We're loving the combination of the new Turquoise Treasures anklet with our most loved shimmer wrap.

Embella Style of Layering Bracelets and Anklets Earring Candy

Earring Candy

Yes, you can even stack your earrings!

If you have more than one ear piercing this is easy! Mix and match cute studs with longer drops for an effortless stack. Or be a bit more adventurous and pair some statement earrings together. Our favourite look right now is our silver Oasis Hoops with our Karma Drops.

If you don’t have multiple piercings you can still achieve this look by opting for a set of our handmade mismatched earring styles. These mix and match designs work best paired with some chunky bracelets. You can also pair them with some necklaces, but remember to consider the balance between the earring and necklace lengths.


Embella Style of Stacking Earrings


Mix it up!

Make things interesting by mixing textures, metals and colours in your signature stacked style. Yes, even gold and silver can be styled within the same look, we just recommend that you style them carefully so they don't rub together potentially damaging the finish of the metals.  

The most important thing when layering and stacking your jewellery is to enjoy it! Experiment with different ways to wear and layer your jewellery. Bohemian styling means, quite frankly, anything goes! It’s an expression of you, your personality, so you don’t have to follow fashion rules.

That being said, we do recommend focusing on one or two body parts for maximum impact. Keep the rest of the look paired back and simple to let your jewellery shine.


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