Sally At Home

If you've ever wondered what life is like behind the scenes, here's your chance to discover how Sally is keeping busy during this crazy time

at home...


C U R R E N T L Y  W A T C H I N G:

When I'm not watching Bluey with the kids!
Loving Ozark on Netflix. 
We're hooked!

L I S T E N I N G  T O:

I'm never without music.
During the day I listen to chill, funky beats on our Spotify Embella boutique playlist.
At night, meditation music as I practice reiki on myself. I've been regularly using the CALM app to help me and the kids fall asleep.


C R E A T I N G:

I'm always making jewellery (no surprises there!) now from my new workspace at home. 

Getting crafty with different projects - going through some old design favourites and creating shell wind chime with Nalu with shells off the beach and shells and stones we have at home, I even added some of my favourite semi-precious stones; citrine, prehnite, and chrysoprase.

R E A D I N G:

My favourite that I always go back to are:

1.Stop Thinking and Start Living
-Richard Carlson

2.You Can Heal Your Life
-Louise Hay

Another book that deserve a mention, that isn't so much for reading but perfect for calming and unwinding after a busy day 
3.The Minfulness Colouring Book
-Emma Farrarons

~Especially perfect to have around the house during these times.

G O - T O  M E A L:

Roasted Cashew & Pear Salad - so yummy!

- Mixed greens (usually baby spinach & rocket)
- Grated carrot
- Fresh Pear
- Cherry Tomatoes
- Stove Roasted Cashews
- Feta Cheese

S I P P I N G  O N:

I love juicing ~ as most of you have seen in our insta stories.
My go-to juice, that I make every morning for me and the kids includes:
- Frozen mango

- Banana
- Oranges
- Flaxseed oil
- Chia seeds
- Honey
- Cinnamon



S T A Y I N G  A C T I V E:

Pool, Yoga, beach walks, playing dress-ups with the kids... I also find I can keep my mind active by working on my jewellery designs.