Sally's Camping Tips

With parts of Australia reopening after lockdown, we've been so fortunate here in the Territory to have access to some of the most beautiful camping spots, including our amazing National Parks.

Last month, Sally took her tribe out for a well-earned mini break in their new Jayco Expanda Outback caravan. We sat down with Sally to chat about her trip.

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Where did you set up camp during your July mini-break?

Litchfield Tourist Park just outside the Litchfield National Park near Batchelor in the Northern Territory. It's about an hour and a half drive outside of Darwin.


Litchfield Tourist Park Camp Ground 


You're a seasoned road tripper from years travelling in your motorhome, what is it about camping that you love most?

The freedom and relaxed lifestyle and getting to see heaps of different places in Australia. We can pick where we go next, without being rushed. We can wake up and say "where are we going today?" I really loved getting to meet new people every place we went too.


You've been lucky enough to travel all around Australia, what are your 5 favourite places to set up camp?

Uluru Camp Ground, NT

Phillip Island, VIC

Airlie Beach, QLD

Coolum Beach Sunshine Coast, QLD

Gerringong, South Coast NSW


We can imagine camping is a bit different now with kids in tow, what's your must-haves to keep the kids entertained?

Well stocked toy box, with crafty treasures. We usually bring a soft ball to kick around and bubbles to chase! The iPad can come in handy on long road trips to keep them entertained in the back of the car. It's always a good idea to have plenty of snacks, a small esky full of drinks and keep the baby wipes on hand!

 How to Keep the Kids Entertained During Camp

Can you tell us your top 10 essential camping products that you personally can not travel without?

Coconut Oil for dry skin

Natural sunscreen is a must!

Natural insect repellent 

Candles and a lighter

10L boxes of water

Extra towels - I love the hoodie towels for the kids!

Nail clippers

First Aid kit with plenty of band aids

Bluetooth speaker

My own pillow


Where are you off to next?

I reckon we'll do another mini-break out to Kakadu National Park, then who knows! 


Is there any places you haven't visited yet, but would love to see one day?

The Kimberley's in WA for sure! We haven't seen a whole lot of Western Australia yet and can't wait to explore this beautiful state one day.


Finally, do you have any other tips for us amateur campers out there?

I've been using Good Riddance insect repellent for a while now, if you can find a really good natural mozzie repellent, it will make your camping trip so much more enjoyable. If you do get bitten and start itching, I recommend Kakadu Blue for a variety of products to help with bites and repelling mozzies, midges and sand flies.

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