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    Sterling Silver Jewellery

    As a precious metal, pure Silver alone is far too soft to wear as jewellery. Due to its softness, silver is mixed with other alloy metals to give it strength which prevents it from becoming easily scratched or dented. This creates what we know as Sterling Silver, which typically has a silver content of 92.5% to create that lustrous shine.

    Pure silver possesses a milky-white or grey colour that has inspired the nickname "metal of the moon." Silver is more prone to tarnishing from oxidisation than other precious metals, which can cause its surface to dull or discolour. You can help prevent this by caring and storing your silver properly.


    Sterling Silver has been enriched with various alloys making it strong and durable. Regular use of a soft cotton polishing cloth will ensure it keeps its shine, but it may occasionally require a deep clean using soapy water to gently cleanse the surface and a polishing cloth to dry.*NOTE: Only soak silver materials. Dont soak materials that include wood or similar. Never soak plated metals


    Do not store sterling silver jewellery on wood surfaces because natural woods contain acids which might react with your jewellery. If you cannot store your pieces in jewellery bags, we recommend a lined jewellery box or similar.