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    Our handmade sterling silver designs are created using 92.5% Sterling Silver that is designed here in Darwin, Australia. They’re inspired by the ocean and made to be layered. From sterling silver rings to earrings, bangles, to toe rings and more, we have a huge collection of sterling silver jewellery just for you.

    What is Sterling Silver?

    As a precious metal, pure Silver alone is far too soft to wear as jewellery. Due to its softness, silver is mixed with other alloy metals to give it strength which prevents it from becoming easily scratched or dented. This creates what we know as Sterling Silver, which typically has a silver content of 92.5% to create that lustrous shine.

    Pure silver possesses a milky-white or grey colour that has inspired the nickname "metal of the moon." Silver is more prone to tarnishing from oxidisation than other precious metals, which can cause its surface to dull or discolour. You can help prevent this by caring and storing your silver properly.

    Care Instructions

    Sterling Silver has been enriched with various alloys making it strong and durable. Regular use of a soft cotton polishing cloth will ensure it keeps it's shine. For more silver care tips, visit our care instructions page.

    Storage Instructions

    Do not store sterling silver jewellery on wood surfaces because natural woods contain acids which might react with your jewellery. If you cannot store your pieces in jewellery bags, we recommend a lined jewellery box or similar.

    Nature Is Our Muse

    Our collection of necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets include many matching styles featuring cowrie shells and pearls. Combined with the beauty of sterling silver and a range of semi-precious gemstones, this jewellery is striking with any choice of wardrobe for any occasion. 

    Silver Earrings

    Our silver earrings will finish any outfit, whether it’s an average day or a special night out. Our range of sterling silver earrings offer a range of gemstones, including our fave turquoise! If you’re looking to make a statement, then we recommend one of our stunning silver hoop earrings. We have some special hoop designs that have removable charms, so you can wear it your way! Hoops are wonderful because they never go out of style!  

    Silver Rings

    For your individual style, our Sterling Silver rings feature a range of beautiful designs, from dainty, simple and everyday rings to unique and artsy statement rings. Stacking rings can add a boho flair to your style, they're versatile and can accentuate statement rings for maximum effect. Stack a few smaller rings on one finger, wear one large ring, or mix up with a bit of both!

    Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets and Bangles

    Our sterling silver bracelets are both whimsical and bold. Each bracelet is handcrafted with love. You’ll find influences of the ocean with our fave cowrie shells which makes for a bold and charming addition to your outfit. Whether you’re basking in the sunshine or enjoying a nice dinner in the cool autumn breeze these individually unique bracelets are designed with your personality in mind.